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6.5. Education

Only providers who have completed the Veterans Health Initiative (VHI) continuing medical education package on SCI or have equivalent training and experience may be designated as SCI Support Clinics or SCI PCTs. SCI Support Clinics and SCI PCTs are to have clinical educational contact with personnel from the SCI Center on a regular basis. SCI Support Clinics and SCI PCTs need to conduct a learning needs assessment as part of their annual competency review. SCI Support Clinic and SCI PCT providers must familiarize themselves with program standards through involvement in the following types of activities:

  1. Review of clinical practice guidelines;
  2. Literature reviews;
  3. Clinical educational contact with SCI Center personnel;
  4. Mentoring visits at an SCI Center;
  5. Attendance at professional conferences;
  6. Attendance at regularly scheduled SCI Center conference calls;
  7. Consultative visits from the SCI Center staff; and
  8. Attendance at national SCI training initiatives is strongly encouraged.


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