Knowledge Books

Veterans Guide to VA Benefits A guide for veterans, their family members and those assisting them to successfully apply for benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs ("VA").
Veterans Guide to VA Claim Filing Not a guide for the faint of heart or for those operating heavy machinery. This guide to veterans benefits provides the detailed knowledge requisite to advocate for VA compensation and pension benefits.
VA Commonly Used Forms The Knowledge Book contains the most commonly used forms for obtaining various types of veterans benefits or services.
VA Spinal Cord Injury System The VA runs a specialized nationwide system of care devoted to veterans with spinal cord injuries. Known simply as the "SCI Service", the VA operates this system using the policies and procedures found in VA Handbook 1176.1.

Veterans seeking service from the SCI Service can gain an understanding of the policies and procedures governing the SCI Service in this handbook. Additionally, if necessary, veterans and their advocates can gain useful insights about the SCI Service and the way they operate.