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7.3. Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process of providing comprehensive services deemed appropriate to the needs of persons with disabilities in a coordinated manner, through an integrated program designed to achieve objectives of improved health, welfare, and realization of the person's maximum physical, social, psychological, and vocational potential for useful and productive activity.

  1. Rehabilitation services are necessary for a person with a disability to:
    1. Achieve reintegration into the home, community, and workforce while avoiding long term institutionalization, except in circumstances unique to the individual;
    2. Achieve the person's maximum potential for personal, psychological, social, vocational and economic adjustment; and
    3. Move beyond the services available in the person's usual daily experience.
  2. Rehabilitation programs consist of coordinated and integrated services with the following broad elements: evaluation, treatment, education, training, and providing Veterans' meaningful experiences that will encourage community reintegration such as off grounds passes, introduction to mass transit and air travel accommodations, and drivers training. An interdisciplinary team provides these services to the individuals and their families.  Rehabilitation programs are designed to: 
    1. Continue as long as the person makes significant and observable improvement; 
    2. Promote outcomes that minimize and prevent impairments; 
    3. Reduce activity restrictions; and
    4. Lessen limitations on meaningful social role participation.


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