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4.6. Guiding Questions for Section 4

The Guiding Questions presented at the end of this section are provided to help you begin to identify the important questions to be asking yourself as you gear up to your future employment and education opportunities.  

  1. Do I clearly understand my diagnosis, injury, or disability?  How does it impact me as a person?  What are some of the functional limitations (physical or mental) I experience in connection to this injury or disability?
  2. Considering the definition of disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, do I qualify as a person with a disability? 
  3. As a disabled veteran, why might I choose to identify myself as a person with a disability?
  4. Considering the definition of self-advocacy in this section, do I consider myself a good self-advocate? 
  5. What are some steps I can take to improve my self-advocacy skills?
  6. Why would I need to advocate for myself at school or at work?
  7. Am I skilled at describing my military skills in a way that a civilian could understand?
  8. As a person with a disability, what is most important to me as I advocate for what I might need at school or at work?

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