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3.10. Resources for Section 3

The resources mentioned within this Knowledge Book are certainly not all inclusive of the many resources out there to help you succeed.  The most important resource you have is the creation of a network of support.  Surround yourself with people who can help you, who you can turn to at any time, and who have your best interests in mind.  Do not expect these people to make decisions for you – but use them as a way to educate yourself to make informed decisions about your education and your career.  

GI Bill Benefits

Academic Accommodations for TBI and PTSD

Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services

VA Work-Study Program

Student Veterans of America at https://studentveterans.org/

Chamber of Commerce.org is one of the leading pages for small businesses in the U.S., offering free guides and reports, such as the GI Bill guide.  Please visit— https://www.chamberofcommerce.org/what-is-the-gi-bill

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